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EliteHerd © is a software package that facilitates management of the pig breeding and grower herd records and provides powerful tools for data entry and reporting. It has wide range of breeding and grower herd management reports and analytical tools, designed to monitor the complete herd performance and diagnose and control production issues. It allows across-herd performance benchmarking, analysis of key herd performance parameters, production costs, income levels and profit margins, and charting of all herd performance parameters. EliteHerd is, what we believe, the most advanced pig farm management system in the world to date.

EliteHerd module

EliteHerd © breeding herd management module facilitates management of the breeding herd records and provides powerful tools for data entry and reporting. It offers intuitive, user-friendly data entry procedures, a range of sow lists to help schedule critical management activities, advanced diagnostic reports and instant graphical representation of numerical data.

EliteGrow module

EliteGrow © grower herd management module facilitates data entry and management of the growing herd production records. It offers simple, easy to use data entry tools, advanced diagnostic reports and instant graphical representation of numerical data.

EliteHerd Plus module

EliteHerd Plus module facilitates management of daughter nucleus pure-bred sows and boars, their pedigrees and inbreeding levels,  recording of reproductive events, use of artificial insemination, and recording and monitoring of genetic defects. EliteHerd Plus is widely used on pure-bred multiplication farms, which receive boar replacements from the main nucleus and breed their own pure-bred sow replacements. The import of boar and gilt pedigrees received from the main nucleus farm is fully automated. It is an ideal farm recording and management program for the pure-breeding farms running the in-house multiplication breeding system.

EliteHerd Pro module

EliteHerd Pro module is specifically designed to manage nucleus-bred sows and boars, their pedigrees and inbreeding levels, recording of reproductive events, use of artificial insemination across several herd units, recording and monitoring of genetic defects, and on-farm management of individual progeny testing and selection. It can be closely integrated with a range of external best linear unbiased prediction (BLUP) engines such as PEST and PIGBLUP for multi-trait, multi-herd genetic evaluation, allowing across-herd performance comparisons and genetic trends analysis. EliteHerd Pro can export progeny test and reproductive data for BLUP analysis as well as import EBVs generated by those BLUP engines. This fully featured farm information system can be used to manage both nucleus and commercial breeding and growing herds.

EliteMobile module

EliteMobile © remote data recording and monitoring module for hand-held computers. The software can be installed on the Android tablets and smart phones. It permits data entry of sow and boar events while on farm, entry of feed records, pig transfers, sales, and grower deaths, advanced validation of newly entered records, display of individual sow cards, sow management lists, herd statistics, sorting and filtering of records, assigning and reading electronic identification tags, as well as wireless synchronisation of herd data via cloud storage.

EliteMobile Pro module

EliteMobile Pro module allows remote data recording of individual  progeny records from birth up to performance test, progeny testing and progeny selection to nucleus. Electronic identification tags can be read and assigned to individual nucleus progeny animals. All the features of the standard EliteMobile module are also available.

EliteHerd Features

Data recording flexibility

Choice of different data recording systems.

Data validation

All information is validated on entry and historical records are fully preserved.

Ease of use

Direct, easy access to all herd management tools, data entry screens and reports. Comprehensive help system.

Reporting tools

Wide range of herd management tools and reports designed to monitor the herd performance and diagnose and control production issues.

Customise report output

Ability to fully customise each report, apply powerful filters and sort records in any format you want.

Benchmarking and trends

Across-herd performance benchmarking analysis and trends.

Export reports and data backups

Export reports and data tables to Excel, csv, text, or in PDF format. Wireless cloud storage data backups.

Open source database

Advanced SQL client/server database management system - allows rapid data entry and data retrieval.

Pig slaughter data management

Import of individual pig slaughter data from abattoirs and slaughter data analysis using powerful pivot reports.


Charting of all performance parameters – use charts to motivate staff and communicate key performance and trends. 

EliteMobile data synchronisation

Wireless synchronisation of new breeding and grower records via Dropbox in the cloud, using super-fast QuickSync © data transfers.

Electronic animal tags

Store and read electronic IDs. Bluetooth wireless communication with a wide range of electronic tag readers.

EliteHerd Support Services

Genetic Solutions Limited provides EliteHerd management software support, training, licensing, and software distribution.
Annual licence fee includes provision for comprehensive user help, training and support, and free programme updates.
Data conversion from other management systems is available.
EliteHerd programmes were designed using extensive consultation process with the local pork producers.
The software was created to meet specific requirements of the pig breeding and growing herd operations.
The consultation process with our customers is on-going and new ideas and requirements are being implemented into the software on a continuous basis.

About Us

Genetic Solutions Limited is a privately-owned software development and farm advisory company with extensive expertise in the design, development and distribution of specialised farm management software.
The company provides consultancy services, technical support and advice in managing genetic improvement programmes on nucleus breeding farms within New Zealand and overseas. Our business is to create and deliver innovative tools for nucleus herd data management, genetic evaluation systems, and for commercial breeding and growing herd management. We are fully committed to working with our clients by providing professional level of training and support and delivering regular software updates and programme enhancements.

Genetic Solutions goal is to help our customers in maximising their production and financial benefits by using modern computer technology