EliteHerd Features

Data recording flexibility

Choice of different data recording systems.

Data validation

All information is validated on entry and historical records are fully preserved.

Ease of use

Direct, easy access to all herd management tools, data entry screens and reports. Comprehensive help system.

Reporting tools

Wide range of herd management tools and reports designed to monitor the herd performance and diagnose and control production issues.

Customise report output

Ability to fully customise each report, apply powerful filters and sort records in any format you want.

Benchmarking and trends

Across-herd performance benchmarking analysis and trends.

Export reports and data backups

Export reports and data tables to Excel, csv, text, or in PDF format. Wireless cloud storage data backups.

Open source database

Advanced SQL client/server database management system - allows rapid data entry and data retrieval.

Pig slaughter data management

Import of individual pig slaughter data from abattoirs and slaughter data analysis using powerful pivot reports.


Charting of all performance parameters – use charts to motivate staff and communicate key performance and trends. 

EliteMobile data synchronisation

Wireless synchronisation of new breeding and grower records via Dropbox in the cloud, using super-fast QuickSync © data transfers.

Electronic animal tags

Store and read electronic IDs. Bluetooth wireless communication with a wide range of electronic tag readers.